Lavilin Tradition

The Lavilin brand, established over four decades ago, represents a revolution in the field of deodorants. The wide range of Lavilin deodorants evolved from a single basic tenet: to produce healthy products which act in harmony with the human body.

With this end in mind, the company turned to a combination of old and new: combining folk medicine with its reliance on active, natural extracts combined with cutting-edge raw materials and production technologies.

The first two products: "Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream" and "Lavilin Foot Deodorant Cream" embodied the essence of this tenet. These revolutionary deodorants were different from their predecessors and continue to be unique among market competitors while laying the foundation for what we now consider the "Lavilin tradition".

  • Deodorants, not anti perspirants – combating the unpleasant by-product of perspiration – perspiration odor – without interfering with natural body functions.
  • Neutralizing odor-causing bacteria which eliminate perspiration odor at the source, using active, natural extracts to do so.
  • Long lasting deodorants – effective for up to 7 days/72 hours, respectively, depending on the individual and the application form.
  • Sweat/Water-resistant deodorants whose effectiveness lasts through bathing, showering and/or intensive physical activity.
  • Economical deodorants - Cheaper to use in the long run, due to their "long-lasting" properties/effectiveness.
  • Lavilin deodorant change accepted consumption practices.

Lavilin Underarm Deodorant Cream and Foot Deodorant Cream have natural appeal for the natural, health-food and pharma markets.

In addition to the original cream deodorants. Lavilin has expanded the range of underarm/foot deodorants loyal to the Lavilin tradition to popular applications forms - roll-on, stick and spray deodorants, thus appealing to a wider and younger consumer base.

To offer a comprehensive “head to toe” odor protection, we are proud to launch Lavilin – Total Odor Protection - the comprehensive solution to unpleasant body odors.

Like its predecessors, this line expansion comprises products, all of which are aluminum, alcohol and paraben-free, which act in harmony and complement natural body functioning.

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