Lavilin, an international brand with an established presence in the world's top markets, is seeking long-term partners to join its global family.

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Lavilin deodorants are reliable bestsellers for pharmacies, drugstores, natural food stores, and many more retailers worldwide. By offering comprehensive, proven solutions that address a universal need, Lavilin's products appeal to men and women of all ages, from all cultures and walks of life.

A professional, highly-reputable deodorants brand for more than four decades, Lavilin is recognized for its ongoing commitment to research and innovation, as well as the outstanding service and hands-on support it gives its partners around the world.

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Lavilin - An International Success Story

Exclusively developed by Chic-Hlavin Laboratories, the Lavilin Collection offers unique, proven advantages for consumers and distributors everywhere. Lavilin - introduced over 4 decades ago – combines the best of nature and technology. Way ahead of its times, Lavilin deodorants were deemed "revolutionary". The synergy of genuine quality, naturally-derived ingredients, and products that have undergone rigorous clinical testing have been crucial to the brand's to the success in discerning markets, such as the USA, Japan, Switzerland, and more.

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The Chic Hlavin Group is currently witnessing major growth by developing innovative products and seeking new markets. We pride ourselves on developing long-lasting relationships with our international distributors. In order to expand our global presence, we are now seeking long-term partners who share our vision and commitment to quality. We will be delighted if you choose to share in our success and join the Lavilin global family!

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