Head to Toe

Your body's as extraordinary as you are,
and Lavilin is committed to making sure you enjoy
only the very best personal care – from head to toe.

At Lavilin, we believe in providing you with 360° odor protection that not only targets odor-causing bacteria, but cleanses, moisturizes, and nourishes your entire body. Effective underarm care is just the beginning. Explore our full collection to discover everything the Lavilin Collection has to offer.

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Hair & Scalp

You want quick, hassle-free daily hair care, and Lavilin's hair range delivers exactly that. Try the Deodorant Shampoo for total cleansing that leaves you feeling fresh and odor-free, or the Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, specially formulated to tackle a flaky scalp right at the source.

Oral Hygiene

Featuring a great minty taste, Lavilin's Deodorant Toothpaste has an advanced formula that neutralizes odors while promoting great dental health. Cap it off with Deodorant Mouthwash to support healthy gums and banish bad breath.


Lavilin's unbeatable round-the-clock underarm protection comes in four convenient formats – Deodorant Stick, Roll-On, Spray and the classic Cream for odor relief that lasts for up to 7 days. On the go?
Try Lavilin Deodorant Wipes whenever you need to freshen up.


When your body needs cleansing care, moisture, and odor protection all in one, the Lavilin Collection provides a total solution, with Deodorant Bar Soap, Body Wash, Body Scrub and Body Lotion for radiance and renewal.

Intimate Hygiene

Botanical essences provide delicate intimate areas with gentle deodorizing care. Choose from Lavilin Intimate Deodorant, probiotic-enriched Intimate Wash, and Intimate Wipes for total convenience, comfort, and freshness.


Lavilin's comprehensive collection includes a Foot Deodorant Cream for maximum odor protection, with a Foot Softening & Nourishing Cream delivering an instant smooth, fresh feel. For severely dry, cracked skin, try the Intensive Foot Repair Roll-On, and there's even a Shoe Deodorant to keep your footwear smelling fragrantly fresh.