Problem Solvers

From effective odor protection to
nurturing care for dry skin, cracked heels, or a flaky scalp,
Lavilin's advanced botanical formulas go the extra mile.

Our classic Deodorant Cream was inspired by the desire to help people enjoy total freedom in their daily lives, and today the entire Lavilin Collection takes that inspiration even further. Offering a comprehensive range of active solutions for all skin types and body areas, Lavilin provides rapid, effective care so you can forget about unpleasant odors, an itchy scalp, or painfully dry skin.

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Odor Protection

We're dedicated to giving you odor protection that not only works, but lasts. Packed with active botanical essences, Lavilin's deodorants deliver proven active support that neutralizes odor-causing bacteria without clogging pores or irritating the skin. Simply choose the deodorant that's best for your needs, and relish the freedom of up to 7 days between applications.

Oral Care

Ultimate freshness means taking good care of your teeth, gums, and oral hygiene. Lavilin's Deodorant Toothpaste and Mouthwash provide outstanding odor protection while also helping to prevent tooth decay, plaque formation, and bad breath.

Cracked Feet

Supporting us all day long, our feet can easily become dry and sore, leading to painful cracks and fissures. Lavilin provides you with the perfect foot care options – Foot Softening & Nourishing Cream to moisturize and protect against dryness, with Intensive Foot Repair Roll-On helping to repair even severe cases.


Itchy, flaky scalp? Lavilin comes to the rescue with an effective Anti-Dandruff Shampoo, infused with ingredients that target dandruff formation at the source. There's no better way to get great, healthy-looking hair.

Dry Skin

Daily environmental stresses really take their toll on your skin. Lavilin's body care solutions, including a gentle Deodorant Body Scrub, Body Wash and Bar Soap, cleanse and deodorize without drying, helping your body restore its naturally vibrant radiance.