We believe that the very best personal care
works with your body,
not against it.

When we developed our groundbreaking original Deodorant Cream, we realized that the key to truly effective odor protection was embracing our bodies' essential biological processes. By neutralizing odor-causing bacteria, we support rather than shut down the body's natural systems, delivering proactive odor defense without clogging pores, irritating the skin, or using potentially-harmful ingredients.

Today, the comprehensive Lavilin range is specially formulated to work in complete harmony with each person's body and lifestyle.

Lavilin deodorants leaf symbol

Combating Odors

The Lavilin Collection provides total odor protection through personal care products for every body area, including underarm deodorants, intimate washes, shampoos, soaps, foot deodorants, and many more. The line's products are specially developed to meet the unique needs of men, women, and athletes.

Working Together with Your Skin

Each Lavilin product contains a tried-and-tested formula derived from botanical extracts and essential oils that effectively neutralizes odor while gently supporting the body's natural balance. With added moisturizing and softening factors, the Lavilin Collection cares for all skin types, freeing you from unpleasant odors with its delightfully fresh sensation.

Results that Go the Distance

The effects of these powerful, clinically-proven formulas are exceptionally long-lasting – even up to 72 hours or 7 days depending on the specific product and usage. Through showers, swimming, or the most intense physical workouts, you can be confident Lavilin is protecting you from odor by working perfectly in sync with your body.

Quality Your Body Deserves

Lavilin is committed to providing the finest personal care solutions free from aluminum, parabens, alcohol, and other potentially-harmful substances. The Lavilin Collection includes only the highest quality CTFA-certified ingredients. All products are manufactured in accordance with international ISO 9001:2000 and GMP standards for complete peace of mind alongside total odor protection.