Lavilin Magazine

Lavilin deodorants always revolutionary - when first introduced in the mid 1970”s and today. What makes these deodorants so special? What are Lavilin’s advantages? How do they provide odor protection? Read to find out….

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Deodorant Suppliers

If you have the resources, becoming a Lavilin distributor could be a way for you to reach new audiences and be the first to enter a niche market.

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Durable, Alcohol-Free Deodorant

What really makes them stand out is that the cream, roll-on, stick, spray and even wipes are longer-lasting than other deodorants on the market. Because these products are alcohol-free, they are also gentle, and won't dry out or irritate skin.

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Choosing a Deodorant Manufacturer

You need a manufacturer who is both in touch with changing trends but is stable enough to serve as a reliable deodorant supplier. That's why your choice of deodorant manufacturer is so important.

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Aluminum Free Deodorants Distribution

Consumers are looking for products that suit their values - healthful, natural, and effective. This growing focus on values-based purchasing presents a unique opportunity for deodorants distributors.

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Lavilin Tradition

Way ahead of its times, Lavilin deodorants were deemed "revolutionary". The synergy of genuine quality, naturally-derived ingredients, and products that have undergone rigorous clinical testing have been crucial to the brand's to the success in discerning markets.

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